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Winter Sports


Our teams are assembled with help from PAL officers, OKCPS staff, and PAL volunteers. Basketball teams represent their middle schools proudly, and play their scheduled PAL games on Saturday's at their feeder High Schools. This creates fun inter-school rivalries, and promotes the growth and development of OKCPS Athletics programs. Most importantly this league focuses on the Student first before the Athlete. This means that it is a privledge to play sports and if you aren't doing what is necessary in the classroom then you won't be playing on the court.

We firmly believe being apart of something bigger than you is a powerful and encouraging tool towards lifelong success! 

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Winter 2021/2022 Game Schedules

Sponsored by Fields and Futures

Fields and Futures

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Fields and Futures is a Proud Partner of OKC Police Athletic League 

Sponsored by Cleats for Kids

Cleats for Kids

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Cleats for Kids is a Proud Partner of OKC Police Athletic League. For more Information on where to find shoes please reach out to cleats for kids. 



It is the philosophy of this competition to promote and support the concept of "Cheerleading as an athletic based activity" the purpose of which is to lead and direct the cheering of students and adult fans in support of a school event. The term "athletic based routine" is to emphasize the athletic skills involved in the performance of cheerleading routines. Music, dance, and sexually suggestive movements are not considered appropriate for cheer leading competition. Cheerleading activities should promote cooperative spirit and good sportsmanship among all present at an event. Cheerleaders are recognized as playing a vital role in the promotion of school spirit. The final responsibility for determining what individual cheerleaders and cheerleader squads are capable  of performing must rest with the coach. Not  every cheerleader or cheerleading squad has the ability to perform the gymnastic skills or partner stunts which are permitted according to  this rule book. It is the goal of this competition to simulate a game situation. Coaches must recognize individual and squad ability levels and limit the activities  accordingly.

Cheer Competition: March 26th  Location: TBD

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